Windows API question

Jim Lambert jiml at
Tue Apr 15 12:14:00 EDT 2003

Ken: <But you'd have to know a lot about the app that's in

Yep, and it could be ANY app. so I figure this has to be some kind of system
level mechanism.

Wolfgang: <I saw exactly this...done in services with Cocoa apps on the a
hope the idea helps;)>

It does. I think it will probably be a Windows service.

Troy: <wouldn't this function be quite similar to the system
clipboard? Are you looking to avoid use of the clipboard specifically?>

Ah, funny you should ask. The prototype I built uses just that. And it works
peachy keen. But I'd like to avoid asking the user to copy the text. If they
could just select some text and, say, alt-click it, that would be better.
And it wouldn't disturb their clippings.

Everyone, thanks for the thoughts; do keep 'em coming!

Jim Lambert

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