VS: nwebie question about substacks

Esa Kivelä Esa.Kivela at ncrc.fi
Tue Apr 15 01:55:01 EDT 2003

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> Aihe: Re: nwebie question about substacks
> At 3:21 AM -0700 4/14/03, Esa Kivelä wrote:
> >Palette opens ok but when I press buttons how I can code that
> >paletets buttons opens main stacks text fields?
> >
> >Like in the palette is button "Monster" -> I press it and its opens
> >main stacks card "Help" txt file called "Monster"?
> I'm not sure what you mean by opening the main stack's text 
> fields. Do you
> want to show the field, or open it for editing, or what?

That palette is in the main stack's help card and paletets buttons shows help card text fileds. Like if you like to know how build doors -> yo press palettes door button and in the main stack help text filed shows up.

Next thing what I started to code is to add FTP into main stack that when editors like to save file it may ask that where that file goes: local machine (where LPmud might be) or via FTP to the LPMUD.

Hmmm but where is good point to start that FTP coding? Any good examples somewhere?



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