Problem: clipboardData-paste of images

Kevin Miller kevin at
Mon Apr 14 11:26:00 EDT 2003

On 14/4/03 1:09 pm, Tanaka <tanaka at> wrote:

> I did a simple test to duplicate an image on a new card:
> on mouseup
>  set the clipboardData["image"] to image "myimage"
>  put it into field "myfield"
>  create card
>  paste
>  put it
> end mouseup
> The pasted image has the wrong dimensions: the image looks the same,
> but it has a transparent border around it and it's actual dimensions
> shown in the Inspector are the same dimensions as the target card.
> A second problem is that I am not able to use "it" to get the name of
> the pasted image.
> This was done using Revolution 2.0b2 on Mac OS X 10.2.3
> Running the same stack on Linux (Mandrake 8.2) w/ Revolution 2.0b1 -
> the pasted image is a negative of the original image. Then upon
> closing the card and opening again, the image is completely
> transparent.
> I have put a stack demonstrating this at
> My idea was to have a database of photos in one stack, where each
> photo is on a separate card.
> I wanted to create a substack that was a single card of thumbnails of
> the photos.

Thanks for testing this out.  We'll investigate the clipBoardData issue, as
of this moment I'm not sure if the image data contained in an image is
always going to come back in the correct format.

In the mean time, you can achieve the result you are looking for in several
other ways:

Use fileName images and copy the fileName property
Copy the image using the internal copy routines (doesn't use the clipBoard)
by running:
copy image 1 of this cd to card 2
Or put the data directly by creating a new blank image, and then putting
image x into that new image.  "put image 1 into image 2"

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