Graphics vanish when opening 1.1.1 project in 2.0

Mr Tea mrtea at
Fri Apr 11 20:26:01 EDT 2003

In RR 1.1.1, I produced a fairly simple stack with a background image and a
number of animated gif buttons that set the contents of a text field when
the cursor moves over them.

When I open this in the version 2 beta release(s), everything is a horrid
murky grey - with the exception of the displayed text, which still shows and
changes appropriately as I move the cursor around over where the buttons
used to be. If I click on the space where a button used to appear, all the
info about it seems to be correct, but there's nothing to see.

Do I need to re-link the graphics in some way? Have I made some basic error
that's very simple to put right? Any suggestions welcome.


pp Mr Tea


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