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Fri Apr 11 00:54:01 EDT 2003


If you're calling GetOpenFileName() then you can put a pointer in
OPENFILENAME.lpStrInititialDir to the location of the default
directory. I usually store these in the registry after the user has
made a selection and then pick them up the next time.

in Borland C++ Builder you specify:
  OpenDialog->InitialDir = "c:\\rootdir\\subdir";
  OpenDialog->FileName = defaultFileName;
or if you're clever and store them in the registry:
  // read the registry entries
  OpenDialog->InitialDir = regKey.ReadString(kLastDir);
  OpenDialog->FileName = regKey.ReadString(kLastFile);

but you can stuff the pointer into the OPENFILENAME structure by hand
if you want to.

-Mark Wieder

Thursday, April 10, 2003, 3:24:00 AM, you wrote:

KM> experience from one application to another.  On the Windows operating
KM> system, it isn't actually possible to specify to the OS what folder to
KM> display when opening that dialog box.  Thus we can't support it.  A

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