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Quite a little discussion I started !

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> > Could you *please* make Revolution BETTER THAN Windows? I don't care if
> > is standard Windows behavior or not. I would rather be able to specify a
> > starting point for the users of my software to begin browsing folders. A
> > lot of efficiency is lost when users have to navigate through 20 folders
> > EVERY TIME they need to select a file.
> I understand what you're requesting.  The problem is this: when you run
> "answer folder", it brings up a dialog box to select a folder.  That
> box is actually created by the OS, rather than by Revolution.  All
> applications use the same dialog, that makes selecting a folder a
> experience from one application to another.  On the Windows operating
> system, it isn't actually possible to specify to the OS what folder to
> display when opening that dialog box.  Thus we can't support it.  A
> workaround would be to create our own dialog, but the drawback would be
> it wouldn't look like a standard dialog, and would need to be written from
> scratch.  I hope this better explains the issue!
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