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On 10/4/03 4:39 am, Steven W. Riggins <mailinglists at> wrote:

> Groups have me totally baffled in RR 2.

There haven't been many changes, beyond some enhancements to the scrolling
behavior and the new "behave as background" option which changes behavior

> I made a button, made it into a group, then put it on several cards.
> then somehow I got a database object added to the group, so when I
> chnaged cards I kept getting errors.  How do I delete this object?  I
> eventually deleted the button by accident and then did something
> else, so I lost my button :(

What type of database object?  How did you add it?

> Why can't I add an existing group to an existing card so it is linked
> like others?  Or at least, the UI is not clear at all.

Place Group and Remove Group are in the Object menu.  You need to turn on
the "behave as background" checkbox in the group properties palette.

> Is there a pane that lists what objects are IN a group so I can
> select an object from the LIST and delete, or say drag an object from
> the card into the group?

This works as it did in 1.1.1 - you can view objects in the Application
Browser.  You can add objects to group by copying them in, or ungrouping and
then immediately regrouping with the new objects.

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