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On 9/4/03 9:38 pm, James.Cass at <James.Cass at>

> Could you *please* make Revolution BETTER THAN Windows? I don't care if it
> is standard Windows behavior or not. I would rather be able to specify a
> starting point for the users of my software to begin browsing folders. A
> lot of efficiency is lost when users have to navigate through 20 folders
> EVERY TIME they need to select a file.

I understand what you're requesting.  The problem is this: when you run
"answer folder", it brings up a dialog box to select a folder.  That dialog
box is actually created by the OS, rather than by Revolution.  All
applications use the same dialog, that makes selecting a folder a consistent
experience from one application to another.  On the Windows operating
system, it isn't actually possible to specify to the OS what folder to
display when opening that dialog box.  Thus we can't support it.  A
workaround would be to create our own dialog, but the drawback would be that
it wouldn't look like a standard dialog, and would need to be written from
scratch.  I hope this better explains the issue!

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