stack corrupted?

Emmanuel Companys mcompanys at
Thu Apr 10 05:16:01 EDT 2003

I am developing with RR 1.1.1 mac OS 10.2.4.

My stack (almost finished) is more and more behaving in a annoying way:

- the left down arrow for "height" in the basic section of the 
properties window, behaves as de left up arrow (increasing).

- the Colors and Patterns in the Objet menu doesn't work (the palette 
won't show up

- sometimes with no apparent reason the fifth tab in a button 
properties window (the one which shows the contents) behaves as the 
fourth, I I cann't get the contents.

- In a unlocked field, the Enter key behaves as the return key.

- the insertion point doesn't show up in the fields. If a create a new 
field, it shows up all right, but disappears if I change the  layer.

- In the msg box, <put name of cd fld 1> answers but typing <put number 
of bkgnd field "Lettres"> I get <Message execution error:
Error description: Chunk: no such object>. The concerned fld belongs to 
a group and its properties window is reads: <Editing bkgnd field 

- Sometimes the error windows indicates an error in line 372 but there 
no line 372 in any of the scripts.

the enterKey message has a wild erratic behavior: the handler will work 
or not and, if it works, then  it keeps working even when the handler 
has been deleted

Is there any way to fix my stack or must I t redo it from scratch?  Any 
idea of what may have caused this trouble?

Thank you for your help.

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