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Thu Apr 10 05:06:01 EDT 2003

James.Cass at writes: 

> On 4-9-03 1:20 pm, Kevin Miller <kevin at> wrote: 
>> Windows doesn't support specifying a default folder to open so that¹s why
> it
>> isn't supported in Revolution.  The documentation just needs updated. 
>> Kevin
> Could you *please* make Revolution BETTER THAN Windows? I don't care if it
> is standard Windows behavior or not. I would rather be able to specify a
> starting point for the users of my software to begin browsing folders. A
> lot of efficiency is lost when users have to navigate through 20 folders
> EVERY TIME they need to select a file. 
> Kind Regards,
> James Cass
Why don't you just add a little routine for the first time the user 
navigates to a file (Or have a dialogue for the user to specify the default 
folder). Capture the path and save it as the user's "default" folder for 
subsequent browsing sessions. 



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