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Wed Apr 9 14:24:01 EDT 2003

On 9/4/03 4:11 pm, Ken Norris <pixelbird at> wrote:

>>> I am trying ANSWER FOLDER with the WITH clause, but the dialog that pops
>> up
>>> always starts at the root of my C drive, even when I pass it a valid
>>> starting point with the WITH clause. Seems to be the same under 1.1.1 and
>>> 2.0. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug ?
> ----------
> You have to name the folder(s) you want to open in a filepath, otherwise it
> will always start with the defaultFolder, unless you reset what the
> defaultFolder is in the script. Even then, the list will only show you the
> filetypes you establish with the "with..." parameter which are in that
> folder ONLY. What does your actual script say?
> I'm betting you are expecting it to go through other folders and subfolders
> to find your list because of the "with", but I don't think it will, although
> you haven't told us what the "with..." is. IOW, it looks like you may need
> to establish a filepath to the folder with the files you need, then use the
> "with" to limit the filetypes it shows you in the list.

Windows doesn't support specifying a default folder to open so that¹s why it
isn't supported in Revolution.  The documentation just needs updated.


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