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Wed Apr 9 14:13:00 EDT 2003

At 8:47 AM -0700 3/20/03, Devin Asay wrote:
>Now--and this is the origin of my bug--why is it I can't refer to a
>group in a stack script handler without specifying a card in connection
>with the group? Surely the stack knows about all of its groups.

Remember the basic rule of group references: you refer to "groups" relative
to a card, but to "backgrounds" relative to the stack. A group reference is
like any other control reference, so referring to 'group "My Group" of
stack "My Stack"' will no more work than 'button "My Button" of stack "My
Stack"'. There needs to be a card reference in there.

If you need to reference a group without relating it to a card, you need to
use the word "background".

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