VS: Revolution 2.0 Beta Now Available - And Special Offer

Esa Kivelä Esa.Kivela at ncrc.fi
Mon Apr 7 01:50:05 EDT 2003

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> Lähettäjä: Andre Rombauts [mailto:andre.rombauts at win.be]
> Lähetetty: 5. huhtikuuta 2003 17:51
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> Aihe: Re: Revolution 2.0 Beta Now Available - And Special Offer
 If it comes in November (or a Service Release) it will 
> not unblock the
> new version...
> I must admit the licence program is quite complicated...

Hmmm I think that there's a problem to the gyu like me: Im seirus progammer but o don't nay effort in my budget to pay again if RR 2.0 gomes "too late"  and my 1.1.1 license wil not unlock it.

Hmm because RR 2.0 is aldready late and there is huge work to do in the RR's development team (like fix that printing problem with text fields in Windows what I have told several times etc.), its only fair that when 2.0 comes out its pugrade may be free to all of us who bought 1.1.1 license?



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