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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Apr 6 21:22:01 EDT 2003

Ken Norris wrote:

> I may want to copy text down from the web into searchable/line-hiliteable
> fields. I'm hoping for at least a chapter at a shot.
> Does anyone know how much a Mac can copy and paste in a single shot?

OS 9: fuggedaboutit.

OS X:  I had a customer send me a gzipped file weighing in at 65MB.  I used
my simple gZipper (available through RevNet; uses Rev's built-in gzip
support) to decompress it, and while it took a few minutes it successfully
created a 575 MB file without so much as a hiccup.

Fields are another matter:  While you can have up to 4GB of data in a field,
the practical limits are reached long before that (calculating line feeds,
buffering the display, scrolling the field), and no single line can contain
more than 64k of data.

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