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Posting this to the use-rev list as well. So others can become more
with this new feature.

> But now the set up is different.  Can you just walk us through?
> 1. Select a field?
> 2. Open dbquerymanager and enter log in details, click connect (I was
> successful with that.... i.e. i was obviously now connected to the
> dBase on the honolulu server..)

1) Open the db query manager.
2) Enter the log in details
3) click connect
4) click to the recordset tab
5) If you plan to display images > 64k check 'display large binary data'
6) If your using a database like Oracle with forward only moving cursors,
want to avoid requerying the data check 'cache resultset'. I would
that you check this if the result set is not huge. This will tell Rev to
load the data into an array.
5) select a table, and enter the SQL.
6) select the primary key (this is used for updating changes back to the
server). To enter multiple primary keys (a combined key) enter the names
the primary key columns seperated by a comma eg: empno, deptno
7) select a field. click to the database linked tab. Select the query.
8) Select the column in the query resulset to link to. To display all the
data..perhaps in a show all. Otherwise select a column to
display the data in the current record of the query. This enables you to
create forms without any scripting. You can even link images! Be sure to
check 'update after editing' if you want Rev to save any changes to the
field back to the database.
9) If your creating a form and wish to avoid any additional scripting,
can also link buttons to a query.
10) Create a the database linked tab, select a query, and
select an action. For 2.0 only simple navigation related actions are
supported. 2.1 will feature additional actions (insert, delete).

But you can always use revExecuteWithQuery (queryname) and pass it some
to execute.
get revCursorOfQuery(queryname) -- returns the cursor for a query.
'cached' if the data is cached, and in an array.
get revConnectionOfQuery(queryname) -- returns the connection for a query

Tip: To update images back to the server
on mouseup
    set the text of the image 1 to url ("binfile:newimage.png")
    revUpdateQueryObject the long name of image 1
end mouseup

>PS: minor suggestions for post-version 2.0 addition
>- ability to hook up checkboxes as boolean fields
Is planned.

>- ability to hook up radio-button groups as integer
Right also option boxes. All planned for 2.1, we just want to get rev 2.0
solid now.

>ability to link from substack to queries in the
Supported. Queries are implemented as unplaced backgrounds in stacks. You
just have to type the full name of the background. Also note that
connections are reference counted, so if you have multiple queries which
connect to the same database it doesn't open up additional connections
overwhelm the server.

Oracle testing: We are especially looking for people to test the new
database features with Oracle databases on both OSX and Windows, and give
use feedback.

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