Revolution 2.0 Beta Now Available - And Special Offer

miscdas at miscdas at
Sat Apr 5 13:37:02 EST 2003

Andre Rombauts writes:
> I have been explained - I guess RunRev guys & girls will confirm- that the
> Key you have will work with version 2. I tried it. It worked. I have a
> Teacher single user licence. It was bought in October 2002. They will unlock
> any new version until October 2003. If the final 2.0 version comes in July.
> OK. If it comes in November (or a Service Release) it will not unblock the
> new version...
> I must admit the licence program is quite complicated... 
> André 

Mr. Rombauts, 

Granted that the license program seems complicated. But why are you worrying 
now (it is only April) about October and beyond? A lot of water will pass 
over the dam between now and then. If October nears and you are running into 
the above stated problems, take action. I suspect your time could be better 
spent now working with the tools that you have rather than worrying about a 
rather far-off potential unlock code problem (that I suspect would amount to 
a trivial issue, should it materialize). 


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