Building a Distribution including images/icons

Feasey, Nicholas NFeasey at
Fri Apr 4 12:31:01 EST 2003

I know this has been discussed before but for us users with limited exposure
to Revolution, can anyone give a short explanation on how one builds a
distribution which includes any icons/images that you have create and used.

I'm just not having any luck thus far.

All I have is one background image and three other images that I want to be
included in the application.  When I build a distribution for Windows on my
Mac and install it on my Windows machine everything is lovely but, of
course, the images are not there.

I thought that I could just place them into a new image library that I
created and select that in the build but that's just not happening.

Can anyone who distributes applications explain how to do this correctly or
point the rest of us to any FAQ or documentation?

Thanks in advance.


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