Button vs. Message box scripts;

Dave Cragg dcragg at lacscentre.co.uk
Thu Apr 3 14:43:00 EST 2003

At 4:58 pm +0200 3/4/03, Malte Brill wrote:
>Jim wrote:
>>I am using Rev on a Mac. The problem may well be idiosyncratic to my machine.
>>It would be helpful if some other Rev/Mac user on this list would
>>test the  following. Run  the line below from the message window in
>>Rev and report to Scott whether you receive a "stack corrupted"
>>>      go stack url "http://www.tactilemedia.com/panel.mc"
>Same on my machine (Mac Os 9.04, Rev. 1.1.1) Downloading and importing
>didn´t work either.

Try updating to the latest liburl (1.0.9) and see if that helps.



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