Rev stand-alone hangs on Win 98/Me

Scott Rossi scott at
Wed Apr 2 12:23:00 EST 2003

Recently, Chris Sheffield wrote:

> Has anyone experienced this before?  I'm running a
> small demo app from a CD-ROM.  I'm using external
> graphics and sound files, but the app hangs even
> before trying to load any of those from the CD.  It's
> very strange.  Runs fine under Windows XP, but not on
> 98/Me.  I don't think it's any code that's causing the
> problem.  There's just not much code there to cause a
> problem.  I'm using a blue backdrop, which displays
> almost immediately.  Then the app hangs for about
> 15-20 seconds before finally displaying my first card.
> After that it runs just fine.  Does anyone have any
> ideas why this might be happening?

If you're relying on QuickTime to playback your media, there may be an
initialization thing going on.  On Windows, the first time QT functionality
is called in your stack can sometimes result in a delay before anything
happens.  For myself, I've never seen a delay as long as you describe.  But
if you are using QT, you might want to try a test where you explicitly set
the dontUseQT to true before running your stack to see if there is any
difference in performance.

Again, I don't know if this is the problem, or even if the Rev/MC folks can
do anything about this, but it would sure be nice to get rid of this


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