help with XP printing & user accounts

Dave Cragg dcragg at
Wed Apr 2 11:37:01 EST 2003

At 8:50 am -0700 2/4/03, Alex Rice wrote:
>Ugh, my beautiful printing routine doesn't work on Win XP for my
>client. It works great if the app is run as an administrator user,
>but not if run by a "limited account" user. The app must run by a
>limited user environment because of their IT rules (big federal

Does your printing routine write out any files, and if so, does it 
write them to the Program files directory or some other "out of 
bounds" location. If so, that will be a problem. If you need to write 
files, they should be saved somewhere in the user's area of the 
Application and Settings folder (typically create a folder for your 
app in the user's Application Data folder). Alternatively, have the 
users install the app inside their area of the Applications & 
Settings folder.


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