QT movie address in player

Ken Norris pixelbird at interisland.net
Tue Apr 1 04:25:01 EST 2003

> Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 12:38:34 -0600
> From: "Ronald D. Zellner" <zellner at neo.tamu.edu>
> Subject: Re: QT movie address in player
>> a) Put the stack file and the movie file in the same folder, which
>> normally becomes the defaultFolder at startup of the stack.
> This seems to be the heart of the problem, I'm running 1.1.1 and the
> defaultFolder does not change when I startup a stack, the
> defaultFolder remains the folder where Revolution 1.1.1 is located.
It doesn't matter, Ron. When you build your standalone, just put the movie
file in the same folder as the standalone file.
>> b) Have your stack simply call the movie file for the player by its
>> fileName. The assumption here is that the movie file is in the
>> defaultFolder.
> I can change the defaultFolder and then set a relative path to the
> movie, but this is lost when I restart the stack later.  I can script
> the stack to change the defaultFolder when opening, but this will not
> work when I change the location of the files to another computer.

1) It won't get lost if you save it.
2) Once again: When you build the standalone, put it and the movie in the
same folder, and burn it onto the CD.

When you open the folder and doubleclick the standalone, your movie, being
in the same folder, will play. I just did it myself. Actually, its a live
streaming movie on top of that (the web browser is open and connected).

If I make a standalone and I take it with the movie file in the folder to my
local ISP and stick it in one of their online machines with QT on board and
it works, will that convince you?
> Will the 2.0 upgrade affect any of this?
I dunno, but I suspect not; there's nothing wrong with it like it is.
>> c) Burn the FOLDER containing the stack and the movie onto the CD.
> I assume you mean to create a standalone file first?
Yes, that was the assumption. If the machine your sending it to doesn't have
Rev, you'll have to anyway.

But it doesn't matter. I'm watching WGBH live in a player of a stack which
is in a folder on the desktop. The QT movie file is in the same folder. I
opened the stack from inside Rev. IOW, the card player in the stack uses a
simple relative path to the streaming movie file which is in the same
folder, even though I opened the stack from inside Rev.

If I make it a standalone, I could open it without Rev. I have no doubt
whatsoever that if I copy the folder to some kind of media or upload it to
another machine that has QT and is online, I can watch it there too.
>> 2) If you aren't concerned about stack size (memory) you can embed the movie
>> into the stack as a videoClip object
> Yes, that is a solution that doesn't require the path at all, but I'm
> not sure I want to go that way.
I understand. Once it's in, it's in, to use a technical phrase :+) I don't
how your stack will be deployed, but if you will have some sort of playlist,
e.g., be running different movies in the player, then having files is the
way to go.

OTOH, if it is and will remain a one-shot deal, then embedding the videoClip
will, as you say, eliminate filepath problems.

I hope this helps. I don't know how else to explain it.

Ken N.

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