combining cards from stacks

Bernard Devlin revolution at
Thu Nov 28 20:01:01 EST 2002

I want to have an application where the users can store multiple stacks (with
the same structure), and each stack would represent some way in which the user
chooses to categorize the stacks.  (I'm envisioning situations in which the
stacks may contain many thousands of cards, and the cards may be storing images
and/or text too... and since I understand that Rev loads the entirety of the
stack(s) in memory, this could become an issue, so I want to allow for this in
the initial design - this design would allow the users to break up their stacks
into categories if memory was an issue and recombine them when required).

I understand that I can let the user create new stacks using the templateStack
feature, so creating multiple stacks should be straightforward.  I also
understand that cards can be copied between stacks.

I would like to allow the user to select a series of these identically
structured stacks, and to 'combine' the stacks into a central stack that they
would then process.  Can this central stack be 'virtual' i.e. just a window onto
the selected stacks but appearing to the user as a single stack (for example, if
they were to move between the cards, could these cards be viewed sequentially,
but come from different stacks?)  Or will I have to copy all the users
selections into a real stack, and have them browse that stack?

Also, I would like to have a navigation stack that allows the user to
select/deselect the stacks that will be viewed.  I have seen the tree list
viewer "user contribution" on the runrev site, and I think that I could work
with that.  But I was wondering if there any other implementations of this kind
of functionality around?


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