MAC address

Monte Goulding monte at
Wed Nov 27 21:36:00 EST 2002

> Because it's a mistake? ;-)

> Actually, where I got the call from had stated that in order to accesss
> /sbin you needed to be logged in with superuser access. If the
> fact is that
> it works regardless of login state, I'm happy to remove that requirement.
> BTW: I note you are calling 'ifconfig en0' instead of
> '/sbin/ifconfig en0';
> are you getting the same result? If so, perhaps the fact that
> '/sbin' is not
> needed affects the login status...
Well actually it worked with both commands on both super and non-super user
logins. I think that part of the confusion is that when I first tested it I
typed into the message box and for some reason put shell("ifconfig en0")
put's 0 into the message box. I still can't work out why!

Anyway just ifconfig en0 seems to work fine and there seems to be no
dependancy on superuser access. Now are ifconfig and ipconfig guaranteed to
be installed?

Thanks again for your help Ken


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