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Ken Ray kray at
Wed Nov 27 21:18:01 EST 2002

> It seems the script that Ken has on his site states a superuser
> that may or may not be necessary. That the only point of contention at
> stage. It seems to work perfectly well and even as a a non superuser. The
> only thing now is to get a comment from Ken as to why the script has the
> requirement.

Because it's a mistake? ;-)

Actually, where I got the call from had stated that in order to accesss
/sbin you needed to be logged in with superuser access. If the fact is that
it works regardless of login state, I'm happy to remove that requirement.

BTW: I note you are calling 'ifconfig en0' instead of '/sbin/ifconfig en0';
are you getting the same result? If so, perhaps the fact that '/sbin' is not
needed affects the login status...

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