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Wed Nov 27 20:52:01 EST 2002

Hey Richard - thanks for the link.

I'm in agreement with you. When I first started using RR, I did the same
thing..wrote a PropList plugin which allowed me to compare the properties of
two different objects. This way, I could find an object I liked in another
stack and recreate the property list for a similar object in my stack. A
great tool for learning. It can be found at:

I believe your stack will also let a user set the properties...mine only
compares the properties.

Another thing I found helpful (and I still do this), is RTM. What I mean is,
purchase the manuals (I bought MC and RR both) and spend some time each
evening just perusing the *huge* lists of properties, functions and handler
examples. It's amazing what you can learn by just reading a bit each night.

Lastly, early on as a new RR/MC user, I spent quite a number of hours
perusing the list archives. It's truly amazing the value there. Sure would
be cool to figure out a way to somehow *organize* all those cool tips and
techniques into a document of sort. Anyway, it was time well spent.



> So when I first started learning MetaCard I wrote a property
> sheet utility,
> which (like VB, ToolBook, and others) provides an overview of nearly all
> properties for the selected object (or card, or stack, and it lists global
> props as well).  It also provides a quick way to edit values:  just
> double-click a line and an editor appropriate to the data type
> opens (color
> picker for colors, answer for Booleans, etc.).
> I've made this available to a few friends and clients, and just
> recently did
> some more debugging and posted the latest version to my site:
> <>
> I hope you find it helpful for learning about properties in Rev.
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