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Heather Williams heather.williams11 at
Wed Nov 27 04:49:01 EST 2002

> Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 09:20:10 -0800
> Subject: Not getting digest email
> From: "Ken Norris (dialup)" <pixelbird at>
> To: <use-revolution at>
> Reply-To: use-revolution at
> Hello RR list,
> I'm used to getting 2 or more digest versions of this list daily, but
> Ihaven' received anything since Sunday morning. Either things are really
> slow or else there's a problem.
> Any response?
> Best regards,
> Ken N.

We are having a small problem at the moment. A smallish percentage of our
users are being affected by an incorrect blacklisting of our IP address by
SPEWS, an anti spam organisation. Apparently, this organisation takes it
upon itself to blacklist not only IP addresses that are sending spam, but
also all neighbouring, innocent IP addresses, and in some cases entire
ISP's. A number of reputable ISP's then use this blacklist to block all
email from those addresses. Your ISP is probably one of them. Unfortunately,
SPEWS is uncontactable, unresponsive, and as far as I can tell, actively
does not want to remove innocent businesses from their blacklisting, since
it relies on us to complain to our ISP's and get the spam operations shut
down. We are attempting to do this. How long it will take and how successful
we will be, I do not know.

In the meantime, all I can suggest is that you contact me directly if you
have specific enquiries about Revolution, and I can respond through my
backup email address. You can reach the digests online, from the archives,
or at

For a searchable list.

My apologies for this very annoying interruption to our usual service.



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