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Klaus Major k_major at
Tue Nov 26 14:24:01 EST 2002

Bon soir Sylvain,

>> You should make a button for each tool. Each button can have proper 
>> icons
>> for each mouse state and you can also show tooltips on mouseover.
> Thank you!
> And my second question is about how to create
> cross platform icons, because I have not yet
> founded any icon editor inside Revolution...

Since icons are nothing else but images displayed inside buttons,
you can (should) create icons/images with your favourite

Save it in a format that can be read by RR, means "JPG", "GIF" or "PNG".

So they are crossplatform automatically :-)

That's all...
C'est tout...

> Sylvain Bouju
> sylvain at

Hope this helped.

Au revoir

Klaus Major
k_major at

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