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Scott Rossi scott at
Mon Nov 25 16:17:01 EST 2002

Recently, "Barry Levine"  wrote:

> I am developing an app that will have a number of fairly small images
> on one screen; maybe 50 pixels square. I was thinking about using image
> objects (but will listen to any suggestions). The app will have these
> objects moving about in the upper half of the window in a manner that
> I'm sure has some mathematical model. Imagine balls moving randomly
> about, each proceeding in a straight line, bouncing off the "walls"
> -and- off each other. There does not need to be any exact "precision"
> in terms of the angles at which the bounce occurs nor will the movement
> of any object be especially fast; actually, fairly slow is what we
> want. Furthermore, each of the "balls" will need to respond to a
> mouseUp event (which I know I can do without a problem).
> Before I try to re-invent the wheel, has anyone done or seen anything
> similar to this (that you would like to share)? I would imagine that
> the code resides in each object. I also would think that the direction
> of each object's travel will need to be mapped to a variable that
> changes as the object collides with another object or one of the
> "walls".

You can try the Bouncer demo posted on our downloads page (top of the list):

Also posted is "Lemmings", a drag routine that affects multiple objects and
makes for a drag effect with a very organic/lifelike feel.  This was modeled
after a Flash project I disassembled, and while I don't have the math quite
right (Richard Hertz, where are you?) this is quite a fun little stack.

Personally, I've always thought there should be more "porting" of other
behaviors/effects from other development platforms (Flash, Director, etc)
and would encourage folks who have the inclination to do so and share with
the list.


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