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> i am going to start sending my thank you notes
> directly to the person who sent the advice. this
> does mean a little extra cut & paste, but should
> reduce the info deluge if only by a little.
> has this ever been an issue in email etiquette?

Guys, this is your list. However, I must say it has never been an issue in
the past, and my personal feeling is that it's nice for people to get a
public acknowledgement of how much help they have given. Sometimes a nugget
from the list can be a life saver, and it's good to let people know you
appreciate it. Obviously, if it started to take over the content, or people
became annoyed by it, then I'd ask you all to cut down on public thankyous.
At present I don't think this is the case. While active, this list isn't
overwhelming... Yet :-)


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