Development vs Standalone

Robert Presender rpresender at
Sun Nov 24 21:00:01 EST 2002

I assume that I am doing something wrong.  Will appreciate help.

Using OS 10.2.2/rev 1.1.1r2(OSx)/Emac also OS 9.2.2/rev 1.1.1r2(OS)/PB 

My project works OK in the development stage but when I do a Build, the 
standalone doesn't execute properly.

The standalone opens with the Splash, etc but doesn't  want to execute 
some custom btns both menu and other types on substacks.

  All my substacks appear in the Data folder of the standalone.

  It seems that some btn menus  don't activate their applicable handlers 
in the Main stack when in Build but do  so when in development.

Selected build options are as follows:
Basic .. Create folder for substacks, Mac OSX, auto download.....

Stacks .. Current stack file, copy default font and color, remove Rev 
UI ..., move substacks into indiv files, auto apply stackFiles info to 

Resources.. ask,answer,cursors, icon lib

MacOS option .. only creatpr signature.

Regards ... Bob

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