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Igor de Oliveira Couto info at
Mon Nov 18 17:10:00 EST 2002

Dear Barry,

Thank you for your feedback:

On Tuesday, November 19, 2002, at 04:25  AM, Barry Levine wrote:

> The behavior as described below is contrary to Apple's human interface 
> design guidelines. It also provides a "trigger" that is exactly the 
> opposite of all other Mac and Windows programs. If one is looking to 
> have lots of negative feedback from one's customers, do this.
> Barry
> On Monday, November 18, 2002, at 10:02 AM, 
> use-revolution-request at wrote:
>> Similarly, if a user presses a mouse button OUTSIDE a clickable area,
>> and then moves the cursor OVER a clickable area, then the clickable
>> area should change its appearance, indicating that if the user lets
>> go of the mouse at that location, an action will trigger.
>> <<

A user might press down on button1, realise that they intended to 
actually press button 2, and without letting go off the mouse, move 
over to the appropriate button and let go there. This is, INDEED, 
coherent with Apple's interface guidelines and their principle of 
'forgiveness'. Menus behave that way, and several multimedia-style 
applications that I've come across DO have buttons that behave this 
way, indeed. Think about it, and you will see that it makes sense.

What does not make sense is for me to be able to have a mouse button 
DOWN over a clickable area WITHOUT any response from the system.

You are quite entitled to disagree, and the world will be a richer 
place for it. After all, being able to give users OPTIONS is what it is 
all about, isn't it? If you want to program your interface to have a 
certain kind of functionality, you should be able to do so - and so 
should I. Right now, however, Revolution is 'forcing' us to have a 
specific type of functionality, which I do not want.

Once again, thank you for your feedback.

Kind Regards,

Igor de Oliveira Couto
info at

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