talk/voice service?

Kurt Kaufman kkaufman at
Mon Nov 18 08:29:00 EST 2002

On Mac OS and OSX you can use Applescript to interface with the Mac's 
text-to-speech voices. On Windows 2000 (and XP?) there is something 
called "Narrator" which will read text. However, I'm not sure how it is 
accessed from within an application.

Applescript demo:
•Prepare a field named "speaktext"
•Type some text into it.
•Create a button and paste the following into its script window:

on mouseUp
   answer "Please choose a voice..." with "Princess" or "Fred" or 
"Zarvox" or "Junior" or "Ralph" or "Trinoids" or "Kathy"
   put it into selVoice
put fld "speaktext" into myVar
Do "say " &quote& myVar &quote& " using " &quote& selVoice &quote as 
end mouseUp

(beware possible wraparound:  the line beginning with "answer" ends 
with "Kathy"; the line beginning with "Do" ends with "Applescript")

HTH, Kurt

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