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Frederic Renaldi has an XCMD: SetMode at:

for Macs which should set the screen rez on older Macs. I'm not completely
sure it runs with RR so you might want to ask him.

You can of course test the screen width and height, and if not correct
present a dialog telling the user to quit and reset the resolution.


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> Hi all
> I have developed some programs for a school but have come across a
> problem while testing it on a number of different Mac machines. On
> the older machines the programs do not display the entire contents of
> the card/window. If the resolution is set to 800 x 600 then the full
> card/window is shown. Some of the machines monitors however cannot be
> set to this resolution.
> Is there a script that someone has developed that will check the
> monitor setting and either change the monitor setting to 800 x 600 or
> quit before the program runs.
> Do windows monitors have the same problem?
> regards
> Greg Wills
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