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Fri Nov 15 20:24:01 EST 2002

--- Jan Schenkel <janschenkel at> wrote:

> > splash screen stack with a menu of stacks...

> definitely the easiest and most flexible route.

> > what exactly IS "Home" in RR?

> "Home" still exists, but it's not the home
> stack we know from HyperCard. it looks like an
> engine backward-compatibility residu, but only
> the MC/RR boys can solve that mystery.

thanks for the information.

ok, so you can't go "Home" again.
put stacks() puts this into the msg:

"splash" does not come up in the TD.
is there an invisible "splash screen" stack
hidden somewhere 
does this just mean you can create a stack that
does nothing except get things rolling, and
defines all other stacks as sub-stacks. declaring
all common handlers & functions(), setting
preferences & locations of objects/controls,
perhaps using buttons to go to different stacks?
you could even name it "Joe's Home"! 

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