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On Freitag, November 15, 2002, at 12:05  Uhr, Bill Vlahos wrote:

> I would like to find out if anyone is working on Project Management 
> software. It is not something I'm interested in writing but would be 
> interested in buying.
> There is no cross platform software which does both GANT and PERT 
> charts that is current.
> FastTrack Schedule is a very nice cross platform program but it only 
> does GANT charts. Microsoft has abandoned Project for the Mac and, of 
> course, there isn't anything I'm aware of for Linux.

Not a real Project Management software, but a powerful "PERT chart" 
tool: With its unique change between Diagram and 
Outliner view and its "show checklist"-feature you can do great PERT 
charts. With brainstorming function, symbol-links, text-notes and voice 
recognition and a lot more features you can do more than in any other 
tool I know. And you have a lot of export/import features. But it has 
no "classical GANTT chart" with a "calendar integration".
Depends what you need. And its cross platform...

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