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Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Nov 14 16:48:01 EST 2002

Recently, "Rob Cozens"  wrote:

> What is the difference between a graphic object and an image?

A graphic is a rectangle, oval, etc object that is based on vector point
information.  An image is a bitmap that is created by painting or importing
(GIF, JPEG, etc).

> If I create a red square in HC PICT editor, convert it to gif, &
> import it to a stack, is it somehow different from a red square
> created with RunRev's tools?

If you paint the red square, then no, there's no difference.  But if you use
the drawing tools to create the red square, then yes, this is different from
an imported GIF (GIFs are bitmap/paint information).

> Can one convert graphics to images and/or vice versa?

Graphics to images is pretty easy: usually cut and paste depending on the
tools used.

Images to graphics requires tracing or redrawing.


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