The RR programming model

Simon Forster simon-lists at
Thu Nov 14 05:27:01 EST 2002


I've vaguely flirted with Revolution and gone through a couple of 
tutorials but I've never played with HyperCard or other stack based 
systems - and I don't understand the programming model which they 
follow. What is a stack? How do they fit in with more traditional 
programming languages?

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When I were a lad, we sat down in front of green terminals bashing out 
endless lines of C. None of your fancy object orientated rubbish, just 
nice, clean hand crafted code. We had to trudge through the snow in 
bare feet...
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Seriously, can someone put the whole stack thing into some sort of 
perspective wrt more traditional programming languages - or point me to 
a resource which does this? I think it'd help me quite a lot.


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