Several questions about the Menu Mgr

Gareth Jones gslj at
Tue Nov 12 23:22:00 EST 2002

Thanks, Jeanne. That sounds a lot simpler than the workaround I came 
up with: use the Application Overview to see the button text of the 
menu, copy it, paste it into a word processor, enter tabs, then paste 
it back into the Application Overview! Come to think of it, my 
solution is pretty close to what Ken Ray suggested that I do. Thanks, 

Now, about the other questions: can I specify a keyboard equivalent 
of a menu item that needs Command+Shiftkey+letter or a Function key 
(e.g. F2)?


>At 9:51 AM -0800 11/11/02, Gareth Jones wrote:
>>I did read Richard Gaskins' recent e-mail about hierarchical menus.
>>where he seemed to say that entering <tab)menuname would do it. If I
>>type <tab>menuname into the Menu Manager, however, the resulting menu
>>item shows in the main menu as "ab>menuname" ... and if I press the
>>tab key, it just pops into the next text entry field, so that doesn't
>>work :-)
>Not literally "<tab>" - a tab character.
>In the Menu Manager, you can insert the tab character by selecting the menu
>item, then clicking the right-arrow icon to the right of the menu name (its
>tooltip is "Make the selected menu item into a submenu item"). If you're
>building the menu in a handler, you'd use something like
>   put "First Item" & tab & return & "Subitem" & return \
>      & "Last Item" into button "File"
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