Constraining the pointer within a group

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Mon Nov 11 15:39:01 EST 2002

> I am thinking of trying to constrain the pointer so it
cannot move out of the 
> rating scale area until a rating has been made.  Before I
start to 
> experiment, has anyone any suggestions or advice?
I also am developing software for disabled folk. This
situation appears as if you are working it with a single
switch, otherwise the user could keep the mouse oriented in
the activity area.

If that is the case, why not use a sequential scanner system
with hilited buttons to time the responses, and no cursor at
all, i.e., set the cursor to "none" (Macs) while it's running?

I have a little "Dragster" game I use for practice
(improving) and testing of response times. The user plays
the game and gets a score, plus available "Top Ten" scores,
plus it puts actual switch response times in a storage area
accessible by the "teacher". Just one idea I use. If you
want more details, email me offlist.

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