Constraining the pointer within a group

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The other possibility is that you'll get a mouseRelease when the mouse comes
up outside the hit area of the button. You could check the location of the
mouse at that time, and if it's within a few pixels of the original target,
you could run your "hit" code anyway..

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> I've had a similar problem with 'Adult returners', who, in the act of
> clicking, moved the mouse outside the boundary of the button. Depending on
> the layout of the screen constraining the mouse might not solve the
> as the 'mousedown' may be in one button area and the 'mouseup' (after
> moving) occur in another.
> For our 'tests' we scripted the buttons to respond on a 'Mousedown'? This
> means any movement after the 'click' is irrelevant.
> Hope this helped.
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> I have been working on assessment tools for people with learning
> disabilities.  Sometimes they also have motor skills problems.
> I ask them to rate something using a scale made up of adjacent buttons
> behave like radio buttons, but offers a bigger target.  Sometimes the act
> clicking by users nudges the pointer off the button group so the mouseup
> not registered.  Since I am timing responses, this is a real pain, to say
> nothing of the frustration caused to the user.
> I am thinking of trying to constrain the pointer so it cannot move out of
> the
> rating scale area until a rating has been made.  Before I start to
> experiment, has anyone any suggestions or advice?
> Thanks
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