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Sun Nov 10 07:54:01 EST 2002

I've had a similar problem with 'Adult returners', who, in the act of
clicking, moved the mouse outside the boundary of the button. Depending on
the layout of the screen constraining the mouse might not solve the problem
as the 'mousedown' may be in one button area and the 'mouseup' (after
moving) occur in another.

For our 'tests' we scripted the buttons to respond on a 'Mousedown'? This
means any movement after the 'click' is irrelevant.

Hope this helped.


Gary Rathbone BSc MBCS
Chartered Information Systems Practitioner


I have been working on assessment tools for people with learning
disabilities.  Sometimes they also have motor skills problems.

I ask them to rate something using a scale made up of adjacent buttons which
behave like radio buttons, but offers a bigger target.  Sometimes the act of
clicking by users nudges the pointer off the button group so the mouseup is
not registered.  Since I am timing responses, this is a real pain, to say
nothing of the frustration caused to the user.

I am thinking of trying to constrain the pointer so it cannot move out of
rating scale area until a rating has been made.  Before I start to
experiment, has anyone any suggestions or advice?


Best wishes,

David Glasgow
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