How do I make standalone database save it's data?

Jimw1956 at Jimw1956 at
Sat Nov 9 21:43:00 EST 2002

I am new to Revolution.  I managed to create a simple database application to 
keep a database of videotapes at a local tv station where I work.  Everything 
works just like I want except for one small detail...I can't figure out how 
to save the updated data that I've added to the database when it closes.

I'm from a novice hypercard background, and I'm used to Hypercard 
automatically saving changes as they are made, and just assumed Revolution 
would do the same thing. After researching the documentation, I found the 
part that says that a standalone cannot save changes to itself, and that the 
data should be in a seperate stack or file. Unfortunately, I can't figure out 
how to do this from the documentation.

I wrote a script into the stack that comes up when the window is closed and 
ask if you want to save the changes, I just can't figure out how to actually 
save the changes so that when the application is run again, the changes will 
be there.

Any help, or locations of tutorials that would help me understand this would 
be greatly appreciated.
By the way, the stack and standalone was built in Mac OS-X using the trial 

Jim Williams

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