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Mon Nov 4 13:24:00 EST 2002

On Sun, 3 Nov 2002 Bill Vlahos <bvlahos at> wrote:

> It is a known bug in the IDE for 1.1.1 and will be fixed in 2.0 (it
> already is in the alpha version).
> I never see the bug in existing projects but see it right away in new
> ones. Since the Revolution folks have never characterized it (beyond
> saying that it is a bug in the Mac OS) so it is hard to know what
> triggers it.

It's Apple bug #3078545, FYI, and is a problem where Appearance
Manager makes invalid assumptions about what the current background
pattern is.  Any app that changes the pattern and then draws a
pushbutton could run into (not just RR/MC apps).  It's only a problem
in 10.2 and most likely only going to be a problem when running RR
(we've never seen it in MC) because of the way it changes the patterns
to update the toolbar and palettes when the selection changes.  It's
possible to cause the problem in standalones, though this is unlikely
unless you use "standard" style buttons together with other types of
controls with their backPattern set and force redraws to occur in a
particular order.

We've already worked around this bug for MC 2.5/RR 2.0.  It's a highly
reproducible bug, so if you must release your application before this
new version of MC/RR is released, just be sure to test it on a 10.2
system to make sure you didn't just stumble on the "magic
incantation".  If you don't see the problem, neither will your

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