Way to mimic user/pass browser popup?

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Mon Nov 4 02:49:01 EST 2002


It depends on how they're doing their password authentication. It sounds
like they're doing a redirect based on some logged in cookie setting (just a
guess - you might want to ask them). If that is the case, then you'll have
to check the response for the redirect -- or just go to the login screen
first. If you give us more information, we should be able to help you.


> I've hit a serious roadblock, and would appreciate any advice:
> I've written a Revolution app that configures a DSL modem.  This
> DSL modem
> contains a web-server with configuration data that gets passed
> from it.  I
> have successfully used Revolution to get and pass data back and
> forth to the
> modem to make/drop connections, request info about the unit, etc.
>  I've been
> able to test the success of the software I've written by going
> into IE and
> typing the IP address of the DSL router and going to various URLs on the
> pages hosted in the hardware.
> I was 99% complete until the client surprised me with a new feature - - -
> admin login access.  Without it, I cannot access any data from the router.
> The good news is, if I go into IE and go to the "getmodeminfo" URL, I get
> prompted (via an IE popup) to enter the admin userid and password
> and join a
> realm.  After I enter it in IE, I am able to continue browsing the
> configuration pages within the DSL modem.  IE is just for testing, we are
> using Revolution for the actual software.
> The bad news is, if I go to the exact same URL in Revolution
> (using the put
> URL URLvar into x call), I do not get a userid/password popup.
> Without this
> popup, or a means of mimicing what IE is doing when it displays
> the popup and
> passes it back to the server, I'm sunk.  My problem is that I
> don't really
> know what causes a web-browser to display a login prompt, and
> even if I did,
> I wouldn't know the http protocols for passing the data back.  I
> did notice
> that Revolution offers a great means of creating custom HTTP headers, if
> that's of any help.
> Any http gurus on the list who could be of help?  I'm authoring
> this for Mac
> OS 8/9 and X.

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