Way to mimic user/pass browser popup?

RGould8 at aol.com RGould8 at aol.com
Sun Nov 3 21:46:01 EST 2002

I've hit a serious roadblock, and would appreciate any advice:

I've written a Revolution app that configures a DSL modem.  This DSL modem 
contains a web-server with configuration data that gets passed from it.  I 
have successfully used Revolution to get and pass data back and forth to the 
modem to make/drop connections, request info about the unit, etc.  I've been 
able to test the success of the software I've written by going into IE and 
typing the IP address of the DSL router and going to various URLs on the 
pages hosted in the hardware.

I was 99% complete until the client surprised me with a new feature - - - 
admin login access.  Without it, I cannot access any data from the router.

The good news is, if I go into IE and go to the "getmodeminfo" URL, I get 
prompted (via an IE popup) to enter the admin userid and password and join a 
realm.  After I enter it in IE, I am able to continue browsing the 
configuration pages within the DSL modem.  IE is just for testing, we are 
using Revolution for the actual software.

The bad news is, if I go to the exact same URL in Revolution (using the put 
URL URLvar into x call), I do not get a userid/password popup.  Without this 
popup, or a means of mimicing what IE is doing when it displays the popup and 
passes it back to the server, I'm sunk.  My problem is that I don't really 
know what causes a web-browser to display a login prompt, and even if I did, 
I wouldn't know the http protocols for passing the data back.  I did notice 
that Revolution offers a great means of creating custom HTTP headers, if 
that's of any help.

Any http gurus on the list who could be of help?  I'm authoring this for Mac 
OS 8/9 and X.

- Rob

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