Way to ensure Rev app stays on top?

Ken Ray kray at sonsothunder.com
Fri Nov 1 15:22:01 EST 2002


Is this (a) Mac-only, and (b) OS X or OS 9? Knowing this might help in
finding a solution...

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Subject: Way to ensure Rev app stays on top?

> I've created a Revolution app that launches Internet Explorer.   This is
> fine, except that it puts IE on top of my Rev app.   My Rev app is only
> pixels wide.   What I'd like to do, if possible, is have my Rev app appear
> the left of the IE window - - - My Rev app would be at the very left edge
> the screen, from 0 - 200 pixels, and then I'd like for IE to be positioned
> from say, 210 pixels and beyond, to the right-edge of the screen.
> Does anyone know if there's a way to do this?   I know how to position the
> stage of my Revolution app to just the correct position.   I'm assuming
> have to use some sort of Applescript calls to position IE.
> - Rob

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