Stuck on Reg-Ex again

Troy Rollins troy at
Thu May 30 11:49:01 EDT 2002

In the past, I've gotten some good advise about using Reg-Ex in Rev from 
this list - here we go again...

I am trying to use matchText and Reg-Ex to parse some XML contents. It 
is pretty basic stuff, and the same reg-ex syntax works in other capable 
programs - yet consistently throws a script error in Rev. Well, that's 
not completely true - on some script variations no error is thrown, 
though no result is obtained either.

This is the basis for what we are trying -

   put contentResult ## returns nothing

I have read that people are using Rev for XML on this list, and perhaps 
we only need a jump start in syntax. In fact, unless I am mistaken, I 
seem to remember such comments as "why don't you just use Rev's native 
ability to parse the XML?" Yet, there are no commands or references in 
the dictionary related to XML parsing. Anyone have a quick start 
tutorial to working with XML (or Reg-Ex) in Rev? The documentation 
nicely simplifies Reg-Ex syntax - yet never goes far enough - like 
relating it to Rev commands in a useful way. Jeanne told me some time 
ago, that there would be a bunch on this topic in the upcoming 1.1 
"Cookbook"... I guess that would now be the 1.1.1 cookbook? The 1.2 
cookbook? The 2.0 cookbook?

Frustrated with simple parsing. Thanks in advance.

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