Observations Re: Images

cowhead cowhead at ztv.ne.jp
Sun May 26 12:50:01 EDT 2002

Jeanne, et al writes:

I should have read this closer.  For me the bottom line is, if you
want the image to be scalable, it must reside in each stack: resizing
a button does not resize its icon.
It can, all you have to do is put this into the "onResizeStack handler":

put the icon of button myButt into myPic
  set the height of image id myPic of stack theImages to the height of
button 1
  set the width of image id myPic of stack theImages to the width of
button 1

Of course, the above will also work without using a separate substack
for images.

But I can't get buttons to reliably scale using the geometry manager
(OS9.2 mac) so you may have to write
a script for that too, rather than using geometry manager.

good luck

mark mitchell

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