errant double-click

Barry Levine themacguy at
Tue May 14 09:46:01 EDT 2002


Thanks for the info. I did speed up the double-click setting in System 
Prefs but the problem, though lessened, remained. Of course, this may be 
just that I'm a "fast clicker". Using a "mouseDoubleUp" handler inside 
the button which sent a mouseUp "to me" resolved the problem; it now 
registers each click as a separate event at the expense of some of the 
clicks -not- triggering a button highlight. I could probably code my way 
around that, as well, but I'll address that in the beta phase ;-)

However (and this is for the RunRev staff), why does a "mouseUp" become 
a "mouseDoubleUp" and still remain a "mouseUp"? (I may be exposing my 
ignorance of things here.) In other words, when the first "mouseUp" 
occurs, it triggers the handler. If I add a "put flushEvents(all) into 
garbage" command to the handler, the second mouseUp is still registered 
and is interpreted as a "mouseDoubleUp". Isn't the "mouseDoubleUp" event 
occuring during the mouseUp handler and, if so, shouldn't 
flushEvents(all) take care of that second mouse click? Perhaps it needs 
to be at the start of the handler?

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> Subject: Re: Delay in accepting "the next mouseClick"
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> I have come across this problem and found that it is caused by the
> double-click speed set in the System Prefs (or control panel). If you
> click the button again inside the double-click time limit, it is a
> double-click not a real mouse click.
> Your options are to code a mouseDoubleUp handler &/or to make the
> double-click speed as fast as you can.

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