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Rob Cozens rcozens at
Tue May 14 09:24:01 EDT 2002

>  > The days of standalone apps
>>  are limited I feel. Apart from that,
>Like so much people, some years ago, had the feeling that the internet is
>definitly the end of paper and books...;) [Rob's note: & so many 
>investers had the feeling any Internet startup was a great 
>sorry, that will imho not happen soon..

I agree with Wolfgang.

I had a long conversation with the programmer of a successful Web 
application (verifying doctors' accreditations for hospitals), and he 
agreed with me that not all computer applications are candidates for 
Web implementation.

Specifically, I can't imagine most people wanting to have to log on 
to some remote computer (and leave their data in other peoples' 
hands) to perform daily information processing activity (ie: A/P, 
Purchasing, G/L).  Nor would I want to be the IS manager who has to 
answer his/her CEO's question, "Where is our accounting & sales data 
located, and who is responsible for its safekeeping?" with "It's on 
some remote computer we dial up, in the hands of people we never met."

A couple of months ago I wrote a utility to load FlexWare customer & 
sales data into a file for upload to a Web commerce company called 
Wilnett.  The work was completed, but the FlexWare customer rejected 
it because he "didn't want Wilnett to have access to my customer & 
price information".  So here is a company that wants to have a third 
party conduct Web commerce for them but doesn't want that party to 
have access to their customer/price info.  That being the case, can 
you imagine how a small, local business would feel about running it's 
daily sales/accounting via the Net?

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